Horizontal leadership

Often, complex challenges tend to fall between stools. Thus, to successfully cope with such challenges, you have to lead horizontally across internal and external boundaries.

How to lead horizontally? We see 10 issues of great importance to consider:

1.Big enough idea or vision and yet focused enough to create action

2.Well developed understanding of the links between the challenge and the organization’s mission and competitiveness

3.Carefully map stakeholders and their interests

4.Find a sponsor (insurance in bad times)

5.To be influenced is the best method to influence others.

6.Variation, innovation and “language games”

7.Respectful collaboration in small groups (create a “fellowship”

8.Early, hands-on prototypes!

9.Dare to confront

10.Endurance (it usually takes more time to produce result horizontally than vertically)

To learn more, see the conversations between Gunnar Westling and Malin Pedro at Pedro & Co on “Ledarskap på tvären” (in Swedish)

and powerpoint slides here: